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Album transportOtter released today

Our album transportOtter is now available to download on transportOtter - theDougs – hope you enjoy it.
You can also follow us on SoundCloud – any feedback would be most welcome.
transportOtter - theDougs


New website published!

Following a month or so deliberating, designing and writing, …theDougs new website is up and running!

After completing transportOtter, this has been an interesting challenge, delving into a bunch of new technologies and tools to get the site as we wanted, and in particular finding a way to stream the music to all types of web enabled device that frankly didn’t suck. Thankfully soundcloud came to the rescue in this respect (just in time) with its new html5 player, allowing the music to stream direct from our soundcloud site.

In parallel we’ve now completed mastering transportOtter, and finalised the artwork for the album!

The finished versions are up on the homepage/soundcloud and will be available for download in the next week or so:-)

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